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To process document legalization by court, authentication by foreign embassies or consulates, or Ministry of Foreign affairs on clients’ behalf.

About attestation
As a registered translation and attestation company, TODAY has established close collaboration with court legalization service and notary public service to provide attestation service for translated document with accuracy, efficiency and reasonable cost.

Multi-language attestation
TODAY will be able to translate document to and from Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese language, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Malay, Dutch.

会展服务是指为保证会议、展览正常进行所提供的全过程(会前、会中、会后;或是展前、展中、展后)服务,既包括发生在展会现场的租赁、广 告、安保、清洁、展品运输、仓储、展位搭建等专业服务,也包括餐饮、旅游、住宿、交通、运输、地方特产等相关行业的配套服务。

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